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Colorado Springs provides a powerful economic ecosystem that attracts a diverse range of cybersecurity companies, entrepreneurs and clients to the Pikes Peak region. The sector supports more than 80 businesses that hire their talented employees from a pool of locally produced cybersecurity grads, departing military personnel and veterans, and cybersecurity professionals who have moved to the area in search of work.

3,000+ Employed Cybersecurity Professionals
7,000+ Open Cybersecurity Positions in Colorado Springs through 2024
125+ Cybersecurity Companies in the Pikes Peak region
5 NSA-certified Centers of Academic Excellence Creating Cybersecurity Professionals
5 Military Installations Seeking Cybersecurity Services and Providing Veterans with Cybersecurity Skillsets

Colorado Springs has always been a major player in the realm of IT, becoming the first city to join the World Wide Web in the late 60s and attracting major technology companies ever since. While the cybersecurity sector continues to grow, there are yet-untapped opportunities to do more to advance the city’s position in the industry.

Attracting top talent

There is a global need for cybersecurity professionals, with thousands of job openings in Colorado and hundreds of thousands of positions worldwide. Colorado Springs needs to attract that top talent to the region -- and cultivate it at home.

Continuing Job Growth

Advancing the city's leadership position doesn't just mean filling its existing positions. It means adding more through attracting new businesses and supporting the growth of existing ones.

Expanding Exceptional Security

It's not enough to be a cybersecurity hub -- Colorado Springs must work to position itself as the pinnacle of security and lead the nation by example.

Attracting New Business

The city aims to develop a business friendly culture and support environmental and economic practices that make Colorado Springs an attractive location to live, work and play. That includes additional support for higher education in its cybersecurity program expansion.

Economic Impact Assessment

In the face of unprecedented growth, the Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC has coordinated an extensive study to accurately capture cybersecurity’s economic impact in Colorado Springs.

The economic impact analysis tracks effects in three categories:

DIRECT EFFECT The economic activity of the industry itself.

INDIRECT EFFECT The economic activity of industries that supply the cybersecurity industry.

INDUCED EFFECT The economic activity generated by cybersecurity workers spending their income.

smart person's hand holding a pencil and pointing at a chart



Full and part-time annual wage and salary workers, as well as self-employed and sole proprietors


All employee compensation (wages and benefits), plus sole proprietor income


Labor income, plus property income and indirect business taxes


Output represents the total value of the industry's economic impact, and is the sum of value added plus the value of goods and services needed to make the product


Employment Labor Income Value Added Output
Direct Effect 3,152 1,059 2,074 6,285
Indirect Effect $338,190,123 $47,205,661 $80, 502,967 $465,898,751
Induced Effect $364,660,217 $71,161,167 $145,999,936 $581,821,320
Total Effect $533,667,988 $123,819,887 $258,023,002 $915,510,887

The Colorado Springs cybersecurity industry has a disproportionate impact on the city’s economy: approximately 3,000 cybersecurity workers have a $530 million direct economic impact. The cybersecurity industry also supports an additional three thousand jobs in adjacent industries and via the spending of the city’s cybersecurity workers for a total employment impact of 6,000 jobs in Colorado Springs. Altogether, the cybersecurity industry has a $915 million economic impact on Colorado Springs. So, despite the fact that the industry’s total workforce impact of six thousand jobs makes up only 1.4% of the city’s total workforce, it is responsible for 2.7% of the total economic impact of Colorado Springs.

Asset Map

Explore the 100+ cybersecurity assets throughout Colorado Springs.
80+ Cybersecurity-Focused Workplaces
5 Workforce Training Organizations
3 Major Military Computer Hubs
5 Military Installations
5 Universities

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