Our Cybersecurity Ecosystem


Cyber Mountain is home to more than 125 companies in the cybersecurity industry, many of whom are focused in cybersecurity of our space industry and mission area; collectively there are more than 3,000 cybersecurity employees here. There are five accredited colleges and universities offering NSA and DHS certified cybersecurity programs, local school districts are offering cybersecurity education for high school students, and the United States Air Force Academy is educating and training cadets for the U.S. Space Force.

By the numbers

Colorado Springs provides a powerful economic ecosystem that attracts a diverse range of cybersecurity companies, entrepreneurs and clients to the Pikes Peak region. The sector supports more than 80 businesses that hire their talented employees from a pool of locally produced cybersecurity grads, departing military personnel and veterans, and cybersecurity professionals who have moved to the area in search of work.

Employed Cybersecurity Professionals

Open Cybersecurity Positions in Colorado Springs through 2024