Connect virtually with local cybersecurity professionals for a casual gathering the “First Friday” of every month beginning at 4 p.m. Join cyber peers to share information and learn about the growing cybersecurity ecosystem in Colorado Springs.

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Space Information Sharing and Analysis Center (Space ISAC) and The Aerospace Corporation are hosting a 2-day summit, the Value of Space, focusing on the importance of space critical  infrastructure to people living on Earth now and in the future. This community event brings the public and private sector together to discuss critical infrastructure protection for the space sector from a variety of perspectives.

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In this fast-paced talk, we will delve into the strategies and tactics that hackers have successfully used to break into election-related organizations, using the DNC and the Clinton campaign as case studies. We will discuss the rise of Wikileaks and the megaleaks infrastructure, and show how data exposure evolved into sophisticated information distribution machines. Finally, we will highlight the known 2020 breach attempts, and provide important tips for recognizing and protecting our elections against information warfare. We hope to see you there!

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Hello Cybersecurity & Computer Technology Partners!

  • Do you own a business and/or a social impact organization?
  • Are you in a human resource recruiting role with a local business or industry association?
  • Are you looking to attract talent to your organization or to affect the career trajectory of young people?
  • If so, then you should have a seat at these tables!
  • See the image below for information on regional career pathway advisory board sessions being hosted this fall.
  • Over 100 middle school and high school educators in these career pathways want to partner with business to better connect our education systems and students to your world of work!
  • This is an opportunity for business and industry to partner with education to build sustainable talent capacity to fill high demand occupations.


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